Client/Project: BlackArc Ogilvy, Vanke China | B04
Service: Web Design, Art Direction

B04 was an apartment complex developed by Vanke China that promotes playful living and community interaction. The website was designed as a part of its promotional campaign. Every idea that this community highlight was translated into pitstops while cruising in the world B04. Potential buyers are encouraged to encounter information as they interact with idea, the 8-bit mascot of B04.


Client/Project: Guangfa Financial Center

Guangfa Financial Center is a multi-purpose commercial complex, with a focus on approachability and user efficiency. The website was designed around Guangfa’s Mondrianic identity while providing sales information such as interactive floor plans and a custom buyer registry.

A teaser promotional short for a graffiti stencil kit brand Tag~. Pixel by pixel, frame by frame goodness.
Music: Ge Wang


Inde-X Studios